Hash to Morse code

A short story about how the code behind Hash > Morse works. Because there ain't much to talk about.

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A short story about me

Hey! I'm Friez / Friez-nl or Ferry (if you want to get personal). Someone, many years ago, already claimed the username Friez, so I had to go with Friez420, Friez69 or something more creative... and thus, Friez-nl emerged from the depths. (yeah, I'm from the Netherlands if you were wondering)

Since 1998 I've been hacking stuff together with code. Some projects successful, others failures, but always opening doors to something new.

Now, many years later, I have worked at small and large companies, start-ups, freelance projects, hackathons [Microsoft, General Motors, Arnhem Hackathon] and have several years at an international triple A game studio under my belt. In 2021 I became the dad of a beautiful girl and that has put me, my life and my ambitions into perspective.

Am I still doing what I loved?, what did I love doing?, what would I love doing? So I'm dipping my toes in the world of generative art and created something for me and my daughter to look at. A little boat on an Adventure

This is a personal adventure of me trying out stuff, making mistakes, learn by doing and proving myself to an unknown community. You're here, so you're now on this journey with me. Specially because you're still reading this.

My idea is to create generative pieces and document the process / code along the way while not limiting myself to // vanilla // p5js // three.js. But also not only 2D or 3D. I'll just see where this path takes me. My writings will be about the code I write, the tools I use, some tips and tricks, small gists of code, I just want to teach something to someone and to learn from others, from novice to expert.

I've adopted, so far, two street dogs from Spain, the cinnamon one since 2013 and the white one just arrived in the beginning of 2022. Aren't they cute? By supporting me, you also support them! You can do so by minting one of my creations or donate directly to my wallet. It's up to you, don't feel obliged tho. Just when you use my code for your own projects, give me some credit in the description.